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    Are your forums visited by spam-bots and your pages are filled with hundreds of announcements of cellphones you never will buy, viagra and porn? Do you get a lot of bouncing emails?

    Page Robot offers now the final solution, reducing spam-bot attacks by 99 % and adding a (for us satisfying) frustration factor to occasional and professional spammers, giving them a really hard time as they never had before. While we are on one hand glad we got spammed so badly that we had to solve the problem, on the other we want our forums free of intruders with the only intent to disturb and share this new experience with as many forum owners as possible.

    While spam was (and still is) mainly a problem for email, a raising number of Bulletin Boards are invaded by spammers, due to a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the intelligent Captcha recognition system, which now is able to crack any touring number in a matter of seconds. No matter how good the coming Captcha systems will be, it will take only a short time to beat them as well.

    The only true solution is to block access to persons, not to computers. Email accounts are normally registered by humans, and once the flaws of some known email providers are fixed, registering new email addresses will be increasingly difficult to any computer aided registration system.
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    1. Categorie:
    2. Forum Spam
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    Noticeably, during the holidays we haven't touched any of the code, but from one day to the other, spammers stopped to use their habitual servers, as shown in this monthly statistic.

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